Nimrud 3D – overview

This project is part of a collaboration between our programme, the French Ministry of culture and the CIREVE (interdisciplinary centre of virtual research) at the Université de Caen-Normandie. The aim is to propose a 3D model of a well-documented ancient library. We chose the library contained in the Ezida sanctuary in the Assyrian capital-city of Kalhu, modern Nimrud (Iraq).

nimrud_axono-revu Reconstructed axonometry of the Ezida at Nimrud
[dafter Oates D. et J., Nimrud. An Assyrian imperial city revealed, Londres 2001 : fig. 73]

The Ezida, on the acropolis of Kalhu, was the temple of the scribe god Nabu. It was a famous centre of wisdom in the neo-Assyrian kingdom (9th-7th c. BC). The building, which was well-preserved until recently, was excavated by a British team led by Max Mallowan in the 1950s and restored by Iraqi archaeologists in the 1980s. Its 3D reconstruction will present visually an ancient library and how it was inserted into an important scholarly and political centre of the neo-Assyrian kingdom.

From the end of 2017, it will be presented in the Ministry of Culture’s digital collection “Grands sites archéologiques-Patrimoine du Proche-Orient”.

Scientific investigators: Ph. Clancier,  A. Tenu and G. Coqueugniot

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